As neighborhood's around the United States continue to transform themselves into trendy and social places, two neighborhood's in San Jose, Calfornia are doing just that.  The Shasta and Hanchett Park neighborhoods have formed a joint association (S / HPNA) to assist in promoting and maintaining their neighborhoods.  One of the main features of these two neighborhoods is the main avenue that runs through them, The Alameda, which they have transitioned into a destination all in itself.  
S / HPNA worked to promote The Alameda by creating an event titled, Stroll the Alameda, which consisted of many stores, shops and restaurants offering special discounts and promotions for the afternoon of the event. For the initial event, I designed the logo with the iconic clock tower that can be seen while driving The Alameda. Materials were then created for the specific event that included posters, flyers, print publication ads, web materials and much more.
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